Warranty for South River

The warranty for South River Custom Homes' coverage under
QBW’s Premier Protection Plan is as follows:

The First Year Warranty

South River Custom Homes warrants the home against specific defects in workmanship and materials. These may come about as a result of non-conformity with QBW’s warranty standards. Likewise any major structural defects will be attended to and honored.

The Second YearS' assurance

South River warrants the home against defects in the electrical wiring, plumbing and duct work. Essentially, all of the hardware that would require some solid usage to make such deficiencies become apparent. Of coarse, any major structural defects will be resolved during this period.

The Third through Tenth Years' pledge

QBW will replace or repair any major structural defects that occur during this 10 year period. They may also simply pay for the reasonable cost of the repair or replacement through its insurer.

Throughout the 10-year period, the warranty is automatically handed down to the next buyer, protecting you as well as that buyer. Standing by our work is an assurance we gladly offer.

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Submit your Warranty for South River

SOS is an online service coordinator that streamlines the way homeowner service requests are received, addressed, and resolved. If you have a warranty concern with your home, Please Click Here. This will allow you to submit any warranty requests. SOS will help you keep track of what’s covered in your warranty. It allows you to send work requests to the appropriate subcontractor, while emailing updated reports to the builder.

In the event of an emergency do not use the online system covering the Warranty for South River

Please contact our emergency number at

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Quality Builders Warranty for South River Custom Homes, Your New Home Benefits